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Vinyl Links Added To The Database
Posted on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Knowing that there are still tons of vinyl collectors out there we have now added a direct link to the plastic for each title where available.


On each release page you’ll now find links to the 12″ vinyl version located at Discogs where you’ll see available copies for sale in the Discogs Marketplace.


If a release has a vinyl version you’ll see it in the grab bar along with the digital links like below…




If you don’t see the vinyl icon it means that the title in question was never released on 12″.


Also, where possible we are going to try and use a photograph of the original vinyl label for the artwork. This might be harder than we anticipate though as nobody here wants to take photographs of 80+ records. But if there is a good enough image already on the net we’ll grab it. If you notice any missing label images and you have (or want to take) one of your own personal copy please email it in to us and we’ll use it.


Happy hunting ;)

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